Checklist to be completed before filling in the Application Form

Please go through the below Check-List before starting to fill the application form. This will enable you to complete the application quickly.

  1. Documents : Please scan the originals of the following documents and save them in your computer. You will have to upload this while filling in the application form. Accepted File types : jpg, jpeg, png, gif, pdf and file size less than 1.5 MB

    1. Constitution of the Firm:

      1. Certificate of Incorporation : If you are a Private Limited Company

      2. Certificate of Incorporation : If you are a Public Limited Company

      3. Certificate of Incorporation : If you are a Limited Liability Company

      4. Partnership Deed : If you are a Partnership Company

      5. Address proof : If you are a Proprietorship company

  2. Statutory Certificates: Keep ready the scanned copies of the below documents. You have to upload these in to the form. You also will have to enter the
    Certificate number, Issue/Validity Date, Name of Issuing Authority.

    1. IEC Certificate

    2. Pan Card

    3. SSI Certificate (only if you are a Manufacturer Exporter)

    4. Export House, Star Export House, etc

    5. GST Certificate. Keep this ready for all of your units.

  3. Address, Landline numbers, Mobile Numbers, Email ids of :

    1. Administrative Office

    2. Registered Office

  4. Directors: Keep the following ready for each of your Directors/Partners/Proprietor

    1. Name

    2. Designation

    3. Aadhaar Number

    4. Scanned copy of the Aadhar. Accepted File types : jpg, jpeg

    5. Scanned copy of passport size photo. Accepted File types : jpg, jpeg
      If an employee other than the above is to be designated as the Authorised Representative, keep these details ready for this person as well.

  5. Branch Details:
    Name, address details of all your branches/units

  6. Exported Quantities

    1. Item wise quantity exported during last Calender year (Jan.- Dec.) in MTs and its FOB Value

    2. If you do not have exports during previous year, quantity and FOB value of items exported during the current calender year that you wish to Earmark.

  7. Certificate of Export Performance: For the quantities claimed as exports above should be certified by your Chartered Accountant. Please scan a copy of this certificate and keep ready on your computer for uploading.
    To download copy of this CA certificate format please click here.